The Grip

The importance of a good GRIP

As this is your only contact with the golf club it is vital you adopt a sound hold on the club.What I have found in my teaching experience is that it is vital that the two hands must work as one unit throughout the swing.

In order to promote this feeling I would recommend two types of grip :

the overlapping grip or the interlocking grip

To simplify the grip the main points to concentrate on are :

When placing your left hand keep your thumb to the right of the grip with approximately 2 to 3 knuckles visible.

Then place  your right hand on the grip with the feeling of palm of your hand facing the target.This time the thumb is positioned to the left of the grip.By creating this position you should have created a  v shape between your thumb and index finger,facing towards your right shoulder.

Too Strong a Grip

Too Strong a Grip

A neutral grip

A neutral grip


A weak grip

With your two hands now well positioned on the club a vitally important element of a good grip needs to be addressed – grip pressure.Too tight a grip creates so much tension in  the upper body limiting a smooth tempo throughout the swing. A common sign of a tight grip can be highlighted in the condition of the hands after hitting a few shots-normally they will be quite red and extremly warm.

Obviously too loose a grip limits control of the swing and also ruins any chance of developing a smooth swinging action.

Grip the club just firm enough to have control it,develop the feeling that you can move your fingers on the grip and always avoid the situation where one is trying to choke the club.

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