The Ben Sayers MX4 Junior Golf set provides all that is needed for a young golfer to get to grips with the game, featuring easy to hit woods and irons and a lightweight, fashionable stand bag. Suitable for ages 6-8 and 9-11, select option above.

High lofted driver/fairway with an optimum kick graphite shaft and weighted sole for easy striking of the ball, includes headcover
An easy to hit hybrid replaces more difficult long irons, also with graphite shaft and headcover
Two graphite shafted irons, 7/9 and PW/SW, both with side sole promoting forgiveness and a consistent good strike and high launch of the golf ball
A mallett head putter with modern face insert and fashionable design.
51/2″ Stand Bag with 3 zipped pockets, a bottle holder and a padded dual shoulder strap.
The Ben Sayers MX4 Junior set really is ideal for the youngster starting out in golf, giving them all the clubs required as well as fashionable and practical stand bag.


The most important factor to consider is that the equipment you select must be correct for their size. Don’t be tempted to give adult clubs to junior golfers until they reach around 13 years of age.

Children Specific Club Design

Junior Golf Clubs are designed specifically with the size and likely swing speed of younger players. Broadly there are 3 categories of age; 3-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-12 years. Each category will feature clubs that are the correct length, grips of the correct thickness and flexes that match the lower swing speeds of children. This will maximise the potential for junior golfers to play the game well.

Junior Golf Sets

It is acceptable for junior golfers to play with fewer clubs as with their slower swing speed as, unlike adults, they will not find much difference between the distances that the clubs are hit. For example; a junior may hit a 7 iron and an 8 iron similar distances. Therefore a set of golf clubs comprising a 3 wood, 5, 7, 9 and wedge is sufficient.

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