Throughout my career I have gained invaluable experience in working with highly acclaimed golf course designers such as Dave Thomas,Patrick Merrigan and Jeff Howes.

The knowledge I have developed from working with these designers and my playing experiences has given me a greater understanding in the fields of design,agronomy etc.

Throughout my career I have used these new skills  in co-designing and project managing several major changes at both The Slieve Russell Golf Club and The World famous Belfry Resort in England.These changes included:

Reconstruction of greens,bunkers and teeing areas.

Tree relocation programmes: adding maturity and definition to areas that previously lacked these qualities.


11th green at the Belfry Ryder Cup course after alterations

11th green at the Belfry Ryder Cup course after alterations

 The 11th hole on the Brabazon course has had significant changes made.Intially the hole lacked the  challenge associated with the rest of the course.However this was mainly due to the advancement in equipment technology over the last number of years,something that many of the older courses have had to address.

Several main changes involved the construction of new fairway bunkers and a complete rebuilding of a new green with four new bunkers  enhancing the new approach shot.


14th hole Ryder Cup course at the Belfry

 The 14th Hole on the Brabazon course also had some remedial work carried out.The whole bunker complex around the green was reshaped maximising the mounds at the back of the green, creating  a more visual impact from the tee.



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